Grow Your Business With Video

    Promotional Video Ideas for Small Businesses

    It is no secret that small businesses can benefit greatly from Promotional Video Marketing. And with all the high-tech tools available to small business owners, creating and recording a promotional video does not always have to break the bank.

    Using your smartphone apps, you now have access to “what’s practically a full production studio in your pocket”. And if you chose not to take advantage of those tools then “you’re simply sitting on the sidelines and watching the big game unfold”.

    Here are some simple ideas for your Promotional Video.

    • Be the “face” of your company and tell the story about your product(s) and/or service(s) and how it all came to be. Seeing your vision will capture your customer’s interest and attention, and connecting the person with the business will increase their trust!
    • Introduce your team or employees and have them describe why they work there and what they like about their jobs.
    • Talk about, and show appreciation to your loyal customers, and define the type of customer support you provide to keep those customers happy.
    • Share customer testimonials and recommendations about your business. If you don’t have any, don’t be afraid to ask them. Happy customers will gladly do it!
    • If you’re celebrating a Grand Opening or hosting an event, this may be a great opportunity to bring your smartphone and record the event.
    • Consider interviewing or quoting an industry expert, validating your product(s) or service(s) and showing why it’s perfect for your customers.

    Clearly, small businesses with limited budgets or lack of technical skills can benefit greatly using promotional and marketing videos to expand their business. Companies like MyStore provide the necessary tools to help you record, post and host your online promotional and shoppable videos easily!